The Simpsons Arcade Game Returning With Arcade1Up

The Arcade was one of the highlights of many childhoods in the past and for many kids in the 90s, it was a popular place to hang out. The 1991 arcade game, The Simpsons, was definitely a loved game. My husband still has it downloaded on his PS3. For the 30th anniversary of The Simpsons game, Arcade1Up is bringing it back and preorders start July 15.

What Arcade1Up Will Be Giving Us

Arcade1Up is bringing us The Simpsons arcade cabinet with the classic 4-player controls. They are also providing Wi-Fi online co-op play along with a, currently unannounced, bonus game.

Arcade1Up releasing The Simpsons arcade game cabinet

The Decline And Return Of Arcade Games

Sadly, arcades aren’t as popular as they used to be. The lack of arcades brought people to make or buy their own gaming cabinets with MAME, but it’s pretty expensive. Also, for some, it just collects dust. If you have kids, you know that feeling when you buy an expensive gift for them and it gets touched like once. That’s what I love about arcades. You go when the mood hits you. There has been an uptick in interest with places like Dave & Buster’s so luckily for some, there is a place to play.

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Arcade1Up does make owning a cabinet much cheaper, but it takes up real estate in your home. We have the Pac-Man Connect and Play that has 12 games on it since we don’t invest a lot of time in retro games. However, If you are one of those that plays the hell out of a game like The Simpsons, go for it. My son is obsessed with Portal and anything Portal-related so I get the appeal. Just like with anything, buy what suits your wants and needs.

What are your thoughts on the return of The Simpsons game? Do you plan on buying one? Leave us a comment below.

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