This upcycled DIY curio cabinet is a high-end dupe, but cost just $112

One of my favorite things to do is to dupe an expensive piece I’ve seen from a high end retailer. I had been eyeing pricey metal curio cabinets for months when I had a great idea! Why not turn it into a DIY project and build one using an old glass and wood cabinet by adding legs to it? 

I scoured Facebook Marketplace for a solid month  trying to find something that had glass fronts and sides but with a wood frame. The color didn’t matter because I knew that I’d be painting it. I finally stumbled upon a glass hutch piece that I knew would be perfect! 

DIY curio cabinet

(Image credit: Brooke Waite)

I flipped the cabinet over to start figuring out how I could attach legs to it. I knew I would need to create something for the “frame” of the legs to sit on so I had a piece of ¾” plywood cut to fit the bottom of the cabinet. I ironed on plywood edge banding to the exposed plywood edges. Then I started creating a frame for the legs. I cut each piece and laid it out before gluing and nailing  together. I cut each leg to measure 20” in height and ran a cross piece to each leg, securing with pocket screws from underneath so there were no visible holes on the legs. 

DIY curio cabinet

(Image credit: Brooke Wait)

With the frame done I started the work of sanding the whole thing down, filling holes from the old hardware, and taping. So much taping!! The prep work far exceeds the actual time it takes to paint every time! 

Read More: This upcycled DIY curio cabinet is a high-end dupe, but cost just $112

2021-06-23 15:00:04

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